That's a lot of dope.

We're not sure why anyone would bet against Money Mayweather, but Snoop Dogg suckered his "mexican buddy Lui into betting on Canelo. The wager: a pound of weed. Naturally, Snoop (like he needs the weed) won, and took to Instagram to thank Floyd for his sack of Mary Jane.

Considering Snoop Dogg claims he smokes 81 blunts a day (probably with 2-3 grams in them) and there are 448 grams of weed in a pound, that means this weed will last Snoop Dogg about half a week if he's lucky/not smoking with too much of his entourage.


It's a little less than Floyd's $41 million purse, but it's a nice W for Snoop, who, like Mayweather, is not really familiar with the term losing.